Punctuational Proposal

UPDATE: This discussion is continued here.

I humbly submit that the written English language is underpunctuated. We have an exclamation point. We have the question mark. Beyond that, however, we are unable to give the "stage directions" that are needed to really convey our meaning in a written form. Some years ago, I lamented this lack to a friend with whom my primary form of communication was written (he was studying in the UK at the time). We agreed that the hardest thing to convey in writing is sarcasm. To keep our conversations clear, we agreed to use a "sarcasm mark" - since we couldn't spare the time to design a unique mark of our own, we elected to use the %; it is the least used symbol on the keyboard, unless you are an accountant.

Thus any sarcastic remark could be put in sarcasm marks, just like one would represent a quote. Some examples follow...

%I really like President Bush.%
%I'm so glad he got reelected.%

Over time, we began to use it to just surround the most sarcastic words in a statement.

The job the president is doing with the war in Iraq is %really great.%
Brittany Spears is so %talented%.

In some extreme cases, we just put a sarcasm mark in the middle of a word. This was understood to mean "dripping with sarcasm."

I absolutely lo%ve her work!
Episode 2 was the be%st fuc%king mov%ie ever!

So, the Flock is a %very intelligent% group of people - I'd be rea%lly interested in hearing what you all think on this... Discuss.


Raksha said...

You're so sm%art, sweetie! What a %great% idea!

Mark Travis said...

%I think that she was making fun of you.%

Levi said...

i think i've grown a vag%ina from reading your %blog%

Kingbogart said...

I think that to use your in word sarcasm marker you need to incorporate an emphasis marker.

This marker would note the inflection of voice ususally found before a sarcastic remark is made.

For example use "^".

So "You're so sm%art" becomes
"You're ^so^ sm%art".....you can just feel the sarcasm dripping from it.

Evydense said...

%See? How it's done.
See how. It's done.
See how it's done.
See how it's done?%

Evydense said...

I'll bet ^everyone^ uses either % or ^ in their comments.

Evydense said...

Damn! I meant to say everyone.

Clayton said...

when removing annoyances, it might be better to not add more in with the solution. Use 'em like scare quotes, and I think the carrot (^) is a bit less intrusive to the eye.

born again flocker said...

sweet dude - %sarcasm rules%

His Sinfulness said...

As was stated earlier, I would prefer to have a unique symbol, not one already in use. It should be something unobtrusive and superscript, like quotation marks. Once finals are over, I'll see about customizing something that can be saved as a macro.

Kingbogart said...

You could always fall back on the alt key combinations

ºTextº could be unobtrusive or perhaps ªTextª. Just some thoughts.

Modig_Bjorn said...

%My life now has more meaning!%

Anonymous said...

I ran across a link claiming that you invented the use of % as a sarcasm mark (wikipedia). My friends and I came to this same conclusion about three years earlier (Jan 31, 2003).

Great minds, no? (Even if it did take you a ju%st a b%it longer.)

Anonymous said...

An alternate approach, discussed in a design community, to mixed reaction. http://typophile.com/node/28817

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