Lust Turns to Madness

If you count the beat up acoustic bass that lives in the living room, there are now 5 guitars in Flock Hall. Over the last week I let my room go to hell - laundry everywhere, trashcan full, dishes unwashed, bird cage overdue for fresh papers - because I spent all of my free time playing guitar. By "free time" I mean time when I should have been sleeping, doing homework, etc. I have come to my senses somewhat, and everything got a thorough cleaning yesterday evening (actually, the fingertips on my left hand could take no more practice, so I HAD to stop...).

At work, I have been sifting through the jillions of pages on the internet that pertain to guitars. By now, those of you who know me well are quite familar with this routine; when I discover a new interest I learn as much as I possibly can about it in the first 3-6 months of involvement. During this time, I am insufferable - I am focused, and can talk or think of not much else. If the guitar post of about a week ago already used up your patience for the topic, you might want to surf on through... because I am going to bore everyone with my wish list o' black guitars!

The Rickenbacker 360-12
There is no particular reason for me to have a 12 string electric... but it's just like George Harrison used to play, only in black. Roughly $1700 on sale...

The Fender Telecaster
This particular one has a non-stock head on it, but it's pretty much the same as it was when Fender introduced it back in 1952. Originally popularized by Merle Haggard, it quickly became a standard of rock 'n' roll players as well, championed by Pete Towsend. The thinking man's Fender, about $600.

The Fender Stratocaster
I know Levi will stop talking to me but screw him, I still want one someday. Jimmi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughn can't all be wrong. Roughly $700.

The Gibson Les Paul
Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck know a little bit about guitars, and they both choose the Les Paul as their favorite for stage and studio. This one is going for $3795.

That's enough for now, as just these four would cost me about $7000. Since I feel most strongly about the Rick and the Tele, I could get by with just $2300...


Mandy said...

I have a thing for Les Paul's....its a remnant of other boys with guitars.

Are you gonna play for me next week?

Levi said...

dude, rick's are fuckin hottttttttt. personally, i want a solid body sierra, but they're pretty close to tele's so i can't really justify the purchase. yet. but soon.

anyways, i'm proud of you and your musical mayhem. if you ever want to start a simon and garfunkel cover band... you know who to call.

Clayton said...

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