The Eternal Question

It's a never ending debate amongst fanboys (and fangirls, which I am pleased to say is a rapidly growing population) - Roddenberry or Lucas? Federation or Rebel Alliance? Light Sabers or Phasers? For me, the answer wasn't clear until just recently, but now I know - when someone says "Star Trek or Star Wars?", I just smile and say, "Firefly."

Despite my personal epiphany, the debate rages on. The Black Vatican recently received the following images from an operative of the militant wing of the BCPs which may help shed light on this issue. It may not be enough to simply ask which is better - which has the crazier fans may be an interesting line of inquiry as well. Today we draw your attention to fan art...

Pony Spock

Led Jedi? The Darth Vader Experience?

You be the judge. (If this is just too geeky for you, you can get both Firefly and Serenity for $43 at Amazon...)


Sirus Kane said...

I... that's just... you... wow.

La Petite Fleur (AKA Tessa) said...

my brain hurts

Big Gay Jim said...

Bad touch. I'm telling teacher!

Mandy said...

Yes! Firefly rocks!

I was a bit worried about Serenity as a movie. Mr. Whedon didn't do so well at his last run at a movie....Buffy. He does much better at tv. But..WOW! Serenity rocked!

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