Trek Character Poll

Our most recent poll, "Who is your favorite Star Trek character in the new cast?" gave us unsurprising results.

Kirk (7%)
Spock (23%)
McCoy (23%)
Uhura (7%)
Chekov (0%)
Sulu (0%)
Scotty (38%)

My favorite zombie killer and hard-ass cop is now also your favorite starship engineer. I like Simon Pegg's work, and I think he's hilarious in Star Trek, but I don't see much 'Montgomery Scott' in his performance. Hopefully the sequel will give him more of an opportunity to 'be' Scotty.

As for your other top choices, I agree. Spock was well done, and McCoy was surprisingly good (who knew Karl "Doom" Urban could actually act?). I am somewhat surprised that Uhura didn't get more love, but then again, most of my readers are female - if I had more male readership, I'm sure she would have gotten more votes.

Now, for the unloved characters... I completely understand why Chekov didn't get any votes. He is whimpy and irritating, and almost completely unlike the original Chekov. Sulu, however, was awesome. He reminded me of the original Sulu (also a fencer), but much better equipped, and far more bad-ass. I hope he gets more screen time the next time around.

This leads us neatly into our next poll - "Who is your favorite Star Trek Villain?"


Raksha said...

I'll be more than happy to give Uhura some love any time she feels like it! < /perv>

I had to vote for Scotty, though, because of my Total Doctor Who Immersion approach to life. He was The Editor on Satellite 5 and Simon Pegg does all the voiceovers to the Doctor Who Confidentials.

Your new poll is lame, though. Clearly there is only one right answer. Khaaaaaan! Seriously, his death scene was badass. Plus he's got all that rich Corinthian leather. How could you not vote for him?

His Sinfulness said...

I think Khan should be the clear winner as well, but my readership has surprised me before. I hoping that the TNG fans will represent and give Q some love - he's my second choice.

Mayren said...

ok #1 - Who is Linus's pick for the previous movie fave?

#2 - IMHO Uhura the actress and performance was awesomeness.

#3 - Q is my fave Villan because the character
has so much Depth. Perhaps if others had as much screen time then they could have had depth too - but too bad Q did and i love him.

His Sinfulness said...

My choice from the new movie crew was Kirk. I thought he did a great job of using Shatner's mannerisms without it becoming a cartoony impression.

Also; Uhura = hawt. I hope they give her more screen time in the next one, so she can be more than just Spock's squeeze... ;)

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