Spring 09 wrap-up

At long last, the semester has ended. In the last few weeks, I have...

...put in a huge number of hours on a statistics project that will likely be found wanting anyway.

...taken the first "incomplete" of my academic career, in order to free up more time for said stats project.

...witnessed the graduation of 6 Flockers in one day - I think that's a record.

...slipped into a habit of not sleeping, eating whatever remained of my roommates' cooking, and not working out.

...wondered if the yearly cycle of academia really suits me as much as I thought it did.

...watched a bunch of old movies, including two of the Austin Powers flicks, Spaceballs, The Big Lebowski and the painfully 80s Lost Boys.

...watched some friends leaving Black Vatican City for the summer - and some leaving for good.

I miss them all, and I hope they all get to where they are going, physically and in terms of life goals. I am, once again, left behind in Laramie.

Ok - enough maudlin whining.

I suppose it is time to get my shit together, finish the paper that will remove that Incomplete from my transcript, and get going on "Summer of Fitness II - Electric Boogaloo."

You may remember the original Summer of Fitness, during which I lost 12 inches all over, and made significant strength and endurance gains. This summer, I plan to use a slightly different approach, working toward four goals:

1) continued fat loss
2) shoulder rehab
3) closing the #2.5 gripper
4) bending the IronMind Red nail

For details of this plan, see my fitness blog, 100 Pounds.

I should be back to a more regular posting schedule now, and also putting up a new poll tomorrow. See you then.


the only bagel in france said...

Yay for regular posting, new polls and getting back into shape. Can't wait to get home where all sorts of getting-in-shape devices await: bike, weights, gym, etc. Don't forget the fantastic cardio you can take up with a partner to burn fat ;) (Shh--my parents read the comments on my blog.) Also--how many calories a day does the Warrior Diet call for?

His Sinfulness said...

The Warrior Diet doesn't count calories. It's more about when you eat; you are allowed to eat until you're satisfied, but only in the evening.

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