Papal Edict

The Black Vatican website is now a LIVE beta!

His Sinfulness commands all of the faithful to go there NOW! Do not read your email. Do not answer your phone. Do not visit with coworkers. Go - go now, or face the wrath of the Sable Primate - he's like, fierce, or something.

We are still adding stuff to it, but it is finally there, and the cover art for the next chapter is up as well (one of my favorite single frames so far). The podcast is also there for those foolish enough to listen...


Claytonian said...

so a couple gripes first:
A coverpage on a webpage! Or whatever you call it. Forcing us to click through is a universally reviled website feature.

second, the picture of the street is nice, but reflected a little too heavily, I feel. A more subtle effect would be nice.

I know how long it can take to change any little thing, so I know the feeling of irritation you probably have reading my words. So I will reassure you that it looks pretty good over all and I am patiently waiting for the buttons to work.

Flynn said...

Thanks for the thoughts, and you're right on all counts.

The reflection was Photoshop generated, I wrote a script to crop a 400x100 chunk of an image, then mirror it, then angle it by 75% and then fade it. Which works, but not as well as doing it my hand.

And the cover page is there so I can easily remove one link to (help, I know you could just enter the direct URL) keep people off the site should I find a massive bug and require a few moments to edit something...

Mark Travis said...

I like the layout. and the coverpage thingy is not an annoyance of mine. thanks for putting it together.

it's a great addition to the flock.

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