White Chocolate

...is neither white, nor chocolate; discuss.

(Where is the comic, Linus?)

Since this came up the other day, I thought I'd do some research. Here is what wiki has to say...

(I don't care about wiki - where's the comic?)

"Since white chocolate contains neither cocoa solids nor chocolate liquor (cocoa mass), it does not meet the standard to be marketed as chocolate in many countries. Regulations also govern what may be marketed as "white chocolate": In the United States, since 2004, white chocolate must be at least 20% cocoa butter (by weight), at least 14% total milk solids, and less than 55% sugar or other sweeteners. Before this date, U.S. firms required temporary marketing permits to sell white chocolate. The European Union has adopted similar standards: white chocolate needs to contain not less than 20% cocoa butter and not less than 14% dry milk solids.

Some "white chocolate", known as confectioner's coating or summer coating, is made from inexpensive solid or hydrogenated vegetable fats, and as such, is not at all derived from cocoa. These preparations may actually be white in color (in contrast to white chocolate's ivory shade) and will lack cocoa butter's flavor."

Having just read the above, you might well ask, "Where the fuck is the comic, Linus?"

Did I mention that "white chocolate was first made in Switzerland after World War I? Hebert's Candies was the first to produce white chocolate in the United States, having seen the product made in Europe just one year earlier."

Fascinating, no?


Teh Dr. said...

Where's the comic Linus? lol

I'm moving my blog, I'll blog about it on the old one then after that everything will be up on this blog account

MightyMightyMax said...

I'm fascinated too, right on the arm.

I can't wait til my next cocktail party, so I can whip out that juicy tidbit.

WNG said...

Linus, seriously, where's the damn comic???
Have you been doing recon on my life before the flock? Did you somehow find out that I used to work at Godiva and abhor 'white chocolate' more than any other food like substance?

By the way...where's the comic?

Mayren said...

I'm allergic to chocolate but can eat white chocolate and i've been trying to explain the Cocoa Solids and %'s to them for years. not many believe me. *le sigh*

Benjamin said...

Mmm, chocolate. It's interesting to know just why some of the white chocolate of the past had tasted more like crisco than chocolate. ;-)

Squid said...

(so I miss-typed a bunch of words oops.)

*taps foot* ...It's Monday Linus, where's the comic? I'm bored and impatient. :D By the way white chocolate is disgusting, and I have always hated it.

princess said...

wtf- where's the comic. you lure me out to read the sermon and NO COMIC. not the way to start the week.I guess a chocolate discussion would have been ok if it wasnt white chocolate--- I like good white chocolate not the waxy stuff that sticks to your teeth, but it isnt really chocolate. nuf said

Nerdygirl said...

Where the fuck's the comic, Flynn?

Modig_Bjorn said...

Yes, jolly good point lad. Jolly good! *puffs pipe*

becca said...

whoops. I'm not even going to ask where the comic is. . . it was already posted by the time I wrote this comment. good job guys.

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