The Hopeless Romantic gave a link (on his PG rated blog) to this rating service... so I submitted my blog for a rating. I got this...

Online Dating

Due to the presence of the following words:
* gay (3x)
* hell (2x)
* vulva (1x)

Two things immediately struck me. First, I am pissed that I only got an R rating. This is the blog of His Sinfulness himself, for fuck's sake! Have I gotten too cuddly of late? Is there not enough hardcore lobster pr0n, thinly veiled references to hot alter boi one night stands, and cybernetic bodies providing life support for genetically enhanced vaginas? Where's my XXX rating, goddamn it?! Are you not entertained?!

Secondly, why does the word "gay" merit an R rating? The stupid bot has no idea if I am simply referring to someone who is happy, gleeful, and filled with the joy of life, or describing the colors of spring flowers, but the assumption is that I am referring to sexual orientation. It really makes my cassock chafe that any mention of an orientation other than hetero gets you an R rating. I doubt the word "straight" would bump your rating up.

Fucking bullshit, I say.

After that rant, I tried again.

Online Dating

That's a liitle better, I suppose...


Nerdygirl said...

I tried this; it's broken.

My blog: R
Monk's blog: PG-13
The company website: G

Mayren said...

I guess my website is ok to view at work... I rated a (( G ))


I never knew I was go G-Rated.

Raksha said...

Hey, your new NC-17 rating matches your color scheme!

mist1 said...

I got an R rating for using the words death and Hell. I had to idea that I was so Goth.

Claytonian said...

was hoping you'd have a rant about the sci-fi post, but this is good too.

BTW, an old comment of yours was sitting around waiting to get approved for a while. Apologies for that.

WNG said...

PG-13. No one understands me...

Big Gay Jim said...

While I agree that it's LAME that the word "gay" makes you more "adult," I can't say I'm sad that I'm part of the reason your blog got a higher rating. Being a link on the side as Big Gay Jim means I continue to influence you and the "filth" of your blog.

MightyMightyMax said...

My blog scored an 'R' rating for "gay," "fucking," and "asshole."

I don't understand why "gay" is a bad word, a word that warrants a higher rating. I agree that they're assuming it's about sexual orientation, not looking at the context. (Of course, in the case of my blog, gay is referring to orientation.) It's just another sign of how far we are from equality.

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