Black Vatican #11

Artist's Comments:
This comic was originally meant to be posted after the final strip of Flynn's Lab (which will be up later this week) but after some thought I talked the good Reverend into reversing the order. The next comic will mark the end of chapter one - with a cliffhanger.

Now, about the art... This was another one of those that took more time in character design than usual. I wanted to make sure that the Alter Boi was just right for her debut, and I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. I think that the comic's style is coming more easily now, which means it can only get better from here.

The Reverend's Comments:

When we were discussing characters for the Black Vatican web comic, I knew that I wanted a character who could be a springboard for exploring GLBT issues. I also wanted someone in the Black Vatican who would be young enough to explain to HSBP exactly what those "damn kids" out there were doing, and why. I also wanted a little protege for Nerdy, and Flynn suggested that we needed something cute and fuzzy...

Playing all those roles and more, we give you the Alter Boi - beloved left hand of the Black Pope, pathologically afraid of wookies, and the primary reason we can't have nice things. Like many BV characters, Alter Boi is based on a real person, but we left out Squid's common sense and grace - which is hard to imagine. Also, Alter Boi is much more sexually adventurous than Squid; for example, the real Squid would never get busy with a boy in her bedroom for hours while the rest of the Flock was all in the next room, or just hook up with some random lesbian from out of town on Jim's pull-out couch. Except for that one time...


Mayren said...

woah. personal with personality are the comments about Squid's irl sexscapade.

I guess the saying goes... "With friends like these..."

"My Car-ma ran over your Dog-ma"

Big Gay Jim said...

*giggle* Glad to see our little multi-colored cephalopod join the BV. And for the right bribe, I could be convinced to share the story about the pull-out couch. better prep a counter offer! ;)

Mandy said...

Hey! No picking on the squidlet! Don't make me pull on my fluffy-bunny slippers and start a minor apocalypse.

Now, someone make a wookie noise in Brit's ear for me (*yes I know...old joke), please?

Squid said...

Yay! my debut!! Now for my mentioned promiscuity...a girl kisses and never tells, so you all will have to keep guessing, except for those who already know...I have some sort of bribe for you all I swear...please be nice :D !?

Yeah I know Mayren, aren't they great. I just love them all!

Jim I already have a counter offer, and it involves seeing Hope, be good!

NO WOOKIESS!!! *shudder* Thanks for the threat though Mandy :)

Big Gay Jim said...

You deserve a warm sunshine hug.........from Jesus!

Mark Travis said...

praise baby jesus!

I say, amen!

(good comic)

Raksha said...

SQUID! Yay! A surprisingly flail- and giggle-free introduction, but I am excited nonetheless.

And to celebrate, I come bearing the gift of a link: Link!

Squid said...

:P Raksha No!!! I had hoped that pick had disappered forever. teh sadness... I'm gonna go twitch now.


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