Science Marches On

It appears that the cybernetic bodies the Ministry is developing may not be needed after all. It turns out that a fellow named Alex Chiu has solved the problem of aging. He calls his amazing discovery Eternal Life Rings.

Alex Chiu

Wow. And just in time for my birthday, too...

Mr. Chiu's site is a treasure trove of previously undisclosed knowledge, that he offers for free, just for the betterment of the world. There really is just too much here to give you an accurate feel for it, but here are some quotes:

"So in the future, farming will be done in high tech sky scrapers. This 80 stories high sky scraper is a giant robotic farm house."

"Nowaday's Japanese robots already know how to talk and do some basic house cleaning. Robots will be as smart as humans in year 2050."

"Attention. Eternal Life Device is already patented and is proven by many people to be working. Teleportation is not. The reason why I wrote this page is because we need teleportation very badly since everyone now lives forever."

"Let's see what's inside matter. First, what is inside this baseball?
To find out what is inside the baseball, let's zoom it up! ZOOM!
So! There are whole bunch of atoms inside the baseball! Duhh.
What is inside an atom? Good question. Let's ZOOM it up again!
Wow! Inside an atom are more little atoms!
Inside an atom are more little atoms. Inside a little atom are more little, little atoms!"

"Long time ago, there were only one gender cells. Then one day, a cell was infected with a disease, a DNA disorder, and reproduced offsprings of male and female (two different kinds of gender)."

Seriously - click on his link. It is just too odd to be conveyed in a few sentences.


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