Elemental Conversation

There is no way to orchestrate the good conversation. It's like the proverbial wild horse - it chafes under restraint, jumps the fences we erect, and loses much of its appeal when its will is broken. Such a talk cannot be confined by scripting or outlines; it will range far and wide, exposing us to new terrain, with or without our consent.

When you have this kind of conversation, you can't help but feel blessed. There is a chaotic, random quality to them that feels like an encounter with the elements. Like weather, they start when they please and end when they will. Often they come when they are least convenient, like rain after you wash and wax the car. You have to make room for them, in their own time, at the expense of sleep or homework or whatever you would have been doing right then.

I had such a conversation yesterday with Raksha. It was funny, and revealing, and kind of sad at certain points. We talked about childhood, academia, flirting, the disgusting "sport" known as frog gigging, graduating, denial, and a dozen other things. For this I am grateful.


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