Digital Death, Furious style...

I have a friend who was put on academic probation at CSU because her Sims addicition was so bad she just couldn't make it to class. My sister owns the game and a few of the expansions; I remember how she tried to not install it until her MFA was done. I am already having a hard enough time motivating myself right now - I don't need to be fighting an addiction on top of it all.

So naturally, I just bought the Sims Deluxe.

It was on sale.

I love my little digital people, but Darth Furious has discovered a perverse joy in watching them die. The Grim Reaper comes, and you get an urn full of ashes that makes a lovely accent piece. Two of them flank a doorway very nicely, and a dozen of them lining a hallway makes a very bold statement.

When they accidentally set the stove on fire while cooking, it is tempting to just let it burn - and them with it. In one house, DF actually bought the fireworks set and made them set it off in the living room...

I know that DF is not alone in this. While surfing for cheat codes (And yes NerdyGirl, I did find the one that makes them naked), I came upon this little gem; The Sims Murder page. A full range of techniques are covered, and some are quite grisly. The "Firestorm" is an excellent form of mass murder - you can successfully take out an entire house party in one fell swoop.

DF likes the classics. He has walled up a few of his least favorite Sims in rooms with no exits... it takes about four days for them to starve to death. In a sick twist on the whole "Cask of Amontillado" oeuvre, he has started leaving them with a fully stocked wet bar. They can last a long time on just booze and olives... Near the end, they are sometimes visited by the ghosts of other Sims that died on the property. It's all very spooky and grim. Poe would be proud.

Sick? Perhaps. But it beats carrying a magnifying glass to every anthill you see.

The Dark Pontif will now hear your confession - how many Sims have you murdered?


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