Sunday Sermon, Thanksgiving 2008 Edition

The tofurkey is cooling, the green bean casserole is almost done, and the rolls are rising. There are mashed potatoes, yams, squash, and much more. We'll be sitting down to this feast in a few minutes and like most Americans, I'll probably focus on the food, forgetting all the other things for which I should be thankful.

In the meantime, let me make a very partial list:
-I am well clothed, properly housed, and warm enough.
-I have friends and family around me.
-I live in a safe place, and there is no danger of violence to me or mine.
-I know my relatives are well, and also safe.
-I have enough money... enough is relative, but my bills are paid.
-I am healthy, and stronger and fitter than in past years.
-I lead the charmed life of an academic, and thought is my only required work.

Most importantly, I have a good bit more love in my life than I probably deserve. My people pour out their love upon me, regardless of my disposition or deserts, and I can in no way thank them adequately.

Instead, I try to use my odd skill set to aid them where and when I can. It is not a clear thing - sometimes it's laughter, sometimes it's a silent hug, sometimes it's a lecture... I do what seems right at the moment, and hope it's what they need.

I hope you are getting what you need, too. If you are, give thanks.

Go in Peace.


Coriander said...

This is a very sweet post. You have some good things to be thankful for :) I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Also I am thankful that I have you in my life you are one of my best friends. :) Thanks for everything.

becca said...

I am thankful that we have become friends over the years and that you and yours are well and safe. Enjoy the tofurkey and other fixins!

Raksha said...

I'm thankful for:

- Family to take me in when the government told me to fuck off and die when I became too disabled to work.

- The fact that I'm not quite in a wheelchair yet.

- Kingdom of Loathing

- Everything Bagels

- Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome

- Mary Cherry

His Sinfulness said...

That YouTube clip was my first exposure to Mary Cherry.




Raksha said...

She's perhaps my favorite TV character ever. Also, it doesn't hurt that the actress is a poster on Snarkfest (one of my message boards) and she's super funny.

In completely unrelated news: Here's 'An Engineer's Guide to Cats.' We're instituting the Corporal Cuddling punishment at our house.

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