Free At Last

I have finally put this semester behind me. I turned in my last assignment today around 11:00, and I haven't done anything since but lay about. I think I was the last one of the residents of Flock Hall 2.0 to complete my academic assignments this semester. We shall celebrate in the traditional manner - that's a pic from last year's post-semester ritual up top...

This was, by far, the worst semester I've ever had. Two of my classes were about tragic, depressing topics, and the other one was taught by a tragic, depressing instructor. Glad it's over.

I did enjoy being a Graduate Assistant, though; I really enjoy teaching. I got to lecture twice this semester, on topics that I enjoy, and it was definitely the highlight of the term for me. I don't know yet who I will be assigned to as a GA for the Spring semester, but I am hoping it will be for another section of Intro. I know a lot of folks hate working with freshmen, but I like that they aren't yet jaded and bitter. Well, not as much, anyway...

I don't have to report to classes for the Spring until the 12th of January. That gives me 28 days, starting tomorrow. What will I have accomplished 28 days later?

-reread Pride and Prejudice
-read Marx's Capital
-deep clean my room
-sleep; a lot
-rearrange my room
-plan the workout schedule for next semester
-wake from a coma to find the world overrun by zombies...

Wait... not that last one. I have too much stuff to do for a coma right now.


Mayren said...

not only do you not have time for a coma, but you havn't posted your Zombie Escape Route so you're not even prepared. Sheesh. priority Linus *giggle*

His Sinfulness said...

I've decided that I'm not going to try to escape. I'm the heroic, self-sacrificing character who grabs three cans of gasoline and a shotgun and says, "Get to the truck - I'll buy you some time..."

Later on, when everyone thinks they are finally safe, I'll suddenly reappear as a zombie... one of the surviving members of the Flock will probably have to shoot me in the head.

Mayren said...

Pope Zombie Action Figure!!! Literally just in time for CRimMaS!!

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