Virtual 5K Biography

Ok, so I know I stated that I'd never do another meme on this blog. So this is NOT a meme. This is an "interview..."
Thanks to Wee Little Me for sponsoring the Virtual 5K, and asking all about me.

1. When did you start running?
I started on 4/2/2008, and began the C25K on 4/28/08.

2.Did you follow a plan (C25K etc.) to get you started running? If so, what plan did you use? If not, how did you go about getting started?

I started out just running until I had to walk, and walking until I could run again. Man did THAT suck! I did a few workouts on the Runner's World Beginner's Program, but then I discovered C25k. Not having to look at my watch constantly to time my intervals was the kind of assistance I needed to really get hooked on running. C25K is the most valuable podcast I've downloaded in... well, maybe ever.

3. Why did you start running?

I used to be a pretty fit guy. I was a jock in high school, and then I was into various martial arts and cycling. Unfortunately, I let myself get really fat when I went back to college, and I needed to lose the 100 pounds or so I gained as a student.

I also started running because I play a lot of court sports (handball, squash, badminton, etc.) and I wanted to play them better. Endurance seemed like a pretty easy thing to improve, so I started running.

4. Now that you are running regularly, what do you find to be the biggest benefits?

Because I live in a communal setting with several other students, my runs are my private time. Two of my housemates are also runners now, but I always go out running alone. It's my time to focus and clear my head.

Another benefit is that adding running to my schedule of badminton, handball, squash and tennis helped me break through a plateau I was stuck at in my weight loss.

Finally, the biggest benefit has been the sense that I am not hopeless where endurance sports are concerned. I never believed that I could run a 5K, much less enjoy it. Once I got those first few C25k runs under my belt, however, I began to believe.

5. What are your future plans for running? Short-term and Long-range.

I think I am going to start using the "One Hour Runner" program after C25K is over. I want to try a 10K in the Fall, and then we'll see where it goes from there. In the long run, I hope to run the Denver Marathon in 2009.

6. What are your personal goals for the Virtual 5K?

Based on my run tonight, the Runner's World Finish Time Calculator has me crossing the line in 37:44. My current times include the walking warm-up and cool-down part of the C25K podcasts, so when I can run the whole distance, I hope to lower my time to around 35:00.

7. Do you have a music “theme song” that you will use for this race?

Not a given song, but my race day playlist will include the Sex Pistols, Green Day, Elvis Costello, Ministry, The Damned, The Cure, Social D, and maybe some Generation X...

By the way, there are several members of the Flock who are also runners; we need to hear about your progress! Flynn? G-Fresh? Regis? WNG?


Anonymous said...

Hey man! thanks for answering the questions. It was great to read them and learn more about you and your running.

PS. Holy crap we have similar taste in music.

Regis said...

I've been temporarily grounded by shin splints for the past two weeks (I was in Week 2), so there isn't much progress to report. I'm getting antsy as hell to go running, but I know I need to give it a little more time. I'll probably run the Week 1 program at least once to get started.

However, I'm putting my sister's degree in exercise science to use, so I've got that going for me.

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Nice interview! It seems like you have made tremendous progress in a few short months and have new goals in site. Good luck with your continued running success!


Linus said...

Thanks for the interview, and thanks for sponsoring the virtual 5K - it's a great idea!

Sorry to hear you are injured! Back when I was running for high school sports, I suffered from almost crippling shin splints. Let me suggest two things...
1) Ice those shins after a run
2) Run more slowly. I am proud to say that I ran at what felt like a ridiculously slow pace initially, and I have had no shin problems at all on the C25K program.

Thanks for stopping by! I'm pretty excited about my progress, and I hope to keep it up. The real test will be when winter returns. I hope I can convince myself that indoor track and treadmill workouts aren't the boring torture I recall them being... :)

Unknown said...

Since my neighborhood isn't really the best I'm running at the YMCA, alternating betwwen the elliptical and the treadmill. The treadmills have tv's mounted on them so I can watch MSNBC while I run and feel decadent and slightly silly. I'm feeling pretty good about my progress, but not as good as you!!! Congrats :-)

Oh and I've spread the word at my Y and we're trying to put some groups together to run the V5K at Mt. Trashmore Park in VA Beach. (I swear that's the real name - google it!)

Linus said...

That's awesome WNG! Click on the Virtual 5K banner on the right hand side of my blog and let WeeLittleMe and the rest of the virtual 5Kers know about you and your group! :)

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