Scar Me

"Yeah, so I'd like you to draw a tattoo design for me... something classy, like a '57 Chevy with a pin-up girl on the hood and and some comedy/tragedy masks that say "laugh now, cry later" next to a skull wrapped in barbwire with eight-balls for eyes, with a rattlesnake coming out of the mouth, surrounded by a flaming heart with a dagger stabbed through it, with an ace of spades on the handle, and maybe some dice rolling snake-eyes... with a banner under it all that says "Mom"..."

For some time now, I have wanted to get a new body modification. Unfortunately, I have all the piercings I want, and tattoos just don't appeal to me all that much (I regularly fantasize about getting a cover-up done on the one I have...). That leaves two choices - branding and scarification.

Branding is pretty much my definition of hell. I can't imagine sitting still while someone repeatedly burns me. The idea of sitting still while someone repeatedly cuts me seems somehow more feasible...

I think I want something on my forearms, in mirror image, or maybe different images that are related. Perhaps Celtic in nature, like on the torso of the young lady above, but a bit smaller. Maybe some symbol of my papal calling, or a clever bit of Buddhist symbology.

The point is, I don't have a design. I have friends who are artists, but they all kind of turned their noses up at the idea of art that would be cut into my skin with a scalpel. So I'm throwing it open to the Flock.

Have you ever wanted to take a knife to me? Here's your chance. Send me a design for a cutting that will go on my forearms. Don't feel limited to Celtic knotwork - surprise me. Try to think of how this piece of body art will fit into my look, and enhance the overall impression of widow-making, skull-crushing, virginity-ending power which it is my custom to embody.

Winner gets to help me pick the scabs.


Flynn said...

Indeed the Pope and I have made fun of overly cliche tattoos for a long while, he left out the iron cross by the way…
As for designing something to be cut into another person… I don’t even like the way the first comic looks, how the hell can I be expected to design something that someone else will like 30 years from now?!

Teh Dr. said...

don't kid yourself flynn, the black pope will surely die from an overdose of badass within the next fifteen years, you could certainly design something that will suit him for that long.

More on the topic of supplying a design to his sinfulness...When I think of linus I think big and straight forward. Which is good for a scarification project because detail is not an easy thing to do.

I would long geometric shapes like diamonds trapezoids triangles rectangles or circles.

something like the forarms on this guy.

or the shoulder on her

perhaps done with a series of smaller cuts like these

sassyshell said...

I think in order to come up with ideas to suggest some of us need a clearer understanding of what artwork you already have on yourself! :) Not all of your readers know what you already have, so help us out, please!

Mischief said...

K, Punkin' we need forearm pics for dimensions (I know, I don't need that, but everyone else might!) and we need like a bulleted list of things that are important to you. You mention Buddhist symbology but not the tenets of that philosophy that speak the most to you. I mean do you want your forearms to suggest 'Peace Maker' which has it's own echoing irony of badass or do you want something that expresses stillness as a reminder to yourself to calm the fuck down? Is this primarily for your own value and enjoyment or to demonstrate your values as a label to others?

Ainsley said...

Branding does indeed hurt, but if this delicate little flower can take it, I'm sure you'd be fine...oh wait, I'm not a delicate little all. But it did hurt and I did take it without a sound.

Just keep in mind that brands or scarifications can have the same regrets attached to them as a least with a tattoo it can be easier to cover up later if you do regret it.

Though brands and scarifications do have a really really bad ass quality to them that it sometimes lacking in tattoos.

Fatal Disaster said...

Wow that is intense... im sure you could do it though...

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