Yesterday, at 11:00 AM, Black Vatican Standard Time, I received notification that I have been officially admitted to the Graduate School. On the 14th I begin pursuing a Master's Degree in Sociology. I had already been told by several profs that I was in, but getting the notification was a relief.

I turned in my letter of resignation at work, and they came back a few hours later with a counter-offer. They offered me a half-time student position, at a very reasonable hourly paygrade. It was incredibly kind of them, especially since I kind of hung them out to dry by resigning a week before classes start, but I had to decline.

Soon I will return to the roots of this blog - hours of sitting in a computer lab as a lab assistant, or "labbie" as they are known locally. This is the job that made this blog great! Hours of screen time, sleep deprivation, and forced people watching is the combination that created this whole - THIS [gesturing vaguely at the blog].

All of it - the Black Vatican, His Sinfulness, the BCPs, the messianic complex - all were born in the all-night Bio-Science lab. I miss the blue glow of the screens, the sticky feel of hand sanitizer, the sound of the printer jamming, the smell of the lab users...

Ok, not really. It does, however, beat trying to explain to beer-sodden frat boys why their scholarships have been suspended.

"Yes, Timmy - they call it a "scholarship" because you have to be a "scholar" to have one..."

The 14th can't come quickly enough.


Flynn said...

Congrats, now write scripts. Write monkey, write!

Congrats on the masters program, here's a furthered education... and not having to deal with frat boys anymore!

Mandy said...

Much with the congratulations! *happy dances in your general direction*

miss kt said...

yay happy sparkly congratulations from this side of the pond :)

here's to taking the black vatican to its roots, the only way is up from here :)

Teh Dr. said...

Congratulations Linus, I'm really glad you finally got it. :)

Tammy said...

Now listen Furious - we are NOT that bad!!! You make me sound like the worst boss in existence... ;)

But really, best wishes and I know you will shine in Grad School.

His Sinfulness said...

Thanks Tammy - and your bossing excellence was never in question! I can only dream of having a boss as cool and reasonable as you wherever I end up after my degrees are done.

Modig_Bjorn said...

Kudos! I look forward to less job-bitching. Oh yes, I went there. ;)

Congrats my friend! I wonder if the female sociology graduate students are hawt? ;)

Mayren said...


So when's the party?
I think the post office lost my invitation. If you could kindly resend it that would be great :)

*watches her mailbox....*

His Sinfulness said...


You have a standing invitation to all Flock Hall events! I'll have my people talk to your people... :)


Word. And there's at least one really cute one - I saw her in the department office. Rawr. She thinks I'm icky, by the way...

WNG said...

Oh hell yeah! I'll play some air guitar in your honor. So...does this mean more posts?

His Sinfulness said...


Between the blog and the BV site there will be a post at least daily, if not more.

Emily said...

yay, congrats! that picture is hilarious!

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