Last Minute Gift Ideas

These rare collectibles make the perfect stocking stuffer for the Star Wars dork on your list!

Post-Detonation Planet Alderaan

Relive the tragic destruction of Alderaan with this box of planetary debris...

Moisture Farm Playset

The destruction of the Lars Family homestead was a turning point for Luke - let your little Padawan relive the massacre over and over (burning corpses sold seperately).

Complete your Moisture Farm Playset with these lifelike smoldering corpses of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru (not that you can tell them apart...)

To complete your Sith-Lord-to-be's education about death...'s that lovable furry little Ewok that gets gunned down in Return of the Jedi! Rendered here in lifelike detail with no visible wounds, just like in the film.

Last, but certainly not least, The Force Action(?) Figure!

Oh, it's in there... I mean, it's everywhere, right?

The truly hardcore Star Wars fans out there have already seen these no doubt, but I stumbled upon them only a few days ago on McMorran.Org. A link to it would probably have sufficed, but since the author there bitched about his bandwidth problems and I'm a content whore, I stole the post pretty much wholesale.


Flynn said...

Stole? If you put it on the net, you relinquish control of it, any ideas to the contrary are naive and ignorant.

That said, that's funny shit! I want the force, does it come with the lightning attachment?

Modig_Bjorn said...

I did see those a bit ago, but damn are those concepts amusing. They need to make a "Smoldering Corpse Jar-Jar". It never happened in the movies, but I have an inkling it would be a popular figure.

Or how about a "Revenge of the Sith Vader" with "NOOOOO!-Frankenstein-Stomping Action."

Mayren said...

you're a wholesale whore..
that is funny, Star Wars is HAWT!

Love the post babes, again you're
being too adorable for your own good.

His Sinfulness said...


I think my adorableness is directly correlated to my work/school situation. Prepping for classes makes me happy! :)

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