Have you ever come across something you wrote, and been completely unable to recall writing it? As a poet, compulsive writer, and ocassional insomniac, I am familiar with this feeling, but it is still stunning when it happpens.

Take the poem below, for example. I found it on a flash drive the other day, and while I can remember clearly the person and situation it was written about, I have no recollection of actually creating it. I know it must be mine - it was in a folder full of other crap I do remember writing, and it was in a document marked "For Slam."

The Oath

Why is it that I won't do for myself
what I would willingly do for her?
She could command me
to crush and conquer
and I would gladly do it
with all my might;
instead she asks for nothing
and I wonder what it means.
She carries her own burdens
and does her own work
with an innocent grace.
Beware swearing yourself
to one who has no need of you.

It's really too short for slam, and remarkably pathetic as well. While it meets the ultimate slam criteria - it tells the truth - it is also just a little too whiny for the 'His Sinfulness' to deliver. Maybe I need a really whiny slam persona as well - the "Emo Pope" or some such...


Anonymous said...

I would be curious to see the Emo Pope...who would do your makeup? ;)

Mark Travis said...

It's the "I just got out of bed" hair look that really makes the difference from regular black pope to emo-pope.

I think I'd actually pay to see that.

Raksha said...

Heh, "Emo Pope." You could just shorten it to "Emope."

Big Gay Jim said...

Well /I'll/ do the makeup silly. ;) The Emopope would be his queer side, as all true Emo's make out with other boys.

Levi said...

a shotgun haircut and some tight, tight pants would make this a hit song. but you have to do it in the next fifteen minutes.

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