Sunday Sermon

Tuesday, February 10, 2004
New friends. It is an odd time, that first few weeks of a new friendship. I have just started chatting and having coffee with these two, and already I feel a bond. No doubt an intense time lies ahead...

This blog began with that post, three years and 8 days ago. The "two" mentioned above were Nerdygirl and the Pink Princess, and it has certainly been intense since then. It's also been funny, irritating, sexy (at times), heartbreaking, and filled with love. I wouldn't trade a minute of it for anything.

Today, I am standing in the same sort of place again...

The last few weeks have been difficult. It may just be that we are in the midst of the usual reaming for which February is so famous, but it does seem that the Valentine's Day strap-on this year was overly large, and unlubed. If there is no escaping that sort of schtupping, one should attempt to relax as much as possible, but I have never been the accepting type. I fought it, by staying busy... making truffles, buying flowers, working on a chapbook with Flynn, and focusing on the poetry slam. It was a moderately effective strategy, for a time.

Once the slam was over, however, I was right back where I began the week... worried, angst-filled, and pissed off. Thus, I was very surprised when life took an unexpected up-turn on Friday. While celebrating the first edition of the Black Vatican webcomic, Flynn, G-Fresh, and I went out for some late night coffee and pie. Once there, we met up with the Squid, and two amazing friends of hers...

After just an hour or so of conversation with them I knew they were, as my grandmother used to say, "our people". A shared Gardenburger and fries at 11:00 turned into episodes of Torchwood on Flynn's giant frickin' TV until after 4:00. I had to work on Saturday at 8:30 in the morning but I didn't mind at all. These were those precious moments with new friends, and I have come to respect and cherish that odd feeling of a familiarity not built by time. It's something akin to love at first sight, but without the insanity that implies. It's like coming home on a cold day to find warm soup waiting on the stove.

You can't seek out those experiences. They come when they should, and no sooner. Their arrival is never announced, and you can't take a raincheck on them - they're best enjoyed fresh. Be prepared to stay up until 4:00 if need be.

Go in Peace.


Mandy said...

It has indeed been an intense ride. Thank you. It seems things have come full circle. Or is it spiraling? The situations are similar, but just a bit off to the left (because left is more fun than right).

I *heart* you.

His Sinfulness said...

Thanks, Mandy. <3
To the left would seem to be counter-clockwise... that makes sense. :)

Raksha said...

Aw, this was a nice post :)

Mark Travis said...

That really hits home. I literally ache for Laramie every oncein a while.

I recently bought Kreg Viesselman's album off of iTunes (I first experienced his music live at Coal Creek Coffee many years ago with Ben) and his music, your post, and my memories make me ache and yearn for Laramie. It has infected my very person.

Elko is OK, but it's just/only OK and not better. Tess and I have just recently been invited to our first social function here in town. And I'm sure that it will be eventful but it just won't be the same without my peeps.

Until I see ya'll again.

Mark Travis said...

Note: Kreg's album that I just bought is a new one. Just thought I'd clarify that point. Right.


Benny said...

Yeah, it is a lovely post and intense ride.

Totally know what you are talking about, Mark... Last night a song on the PA in Albertson's brought back Laramie with such intensity that for a moment the memory was more real than the present, leaving you with a little smile for the walk back home.

And sometime you have to be prepared to stay up multiple days in a row... ;-)

What do you think of Torchwood, by the way? I've heard only bits and pieces, but it sounds like fun.

His Sinfulness said...

Torchwood is amazing. Second only to Firefly on my list of TV SciFi you must watch to be my friend... :)

Modig_Bjorn said...

"Alright gay!"

Does the above ever get tired?

I will say that the best friends comprise one's "real family."

Oh, and peeps rock!

Mandy said...

BTW...I totally second the Rev's declaration that Torchwood Rocks! And the first season finale....holy cow!

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