Sunday Sermon

Getting the Word Out

In this modern world, all religions face the difficulty of presenting their core teachings in a way that will grab the attention of new readers. To be honest, most scripture is pretty dry, and often filled with ancient metaphors and idioms that will likely be lost on the first-time reader. Many different approaches have been tried, including graphic novels, movies, animation, and thousands of translations, with limited success. Finally, an enterprising minister has put the bible into what just might be the ultimate medium for it - Legos.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what hell looks like...

The Brick Testament was produced by The Reverend Brendon Powell Smith, and the power of the message has never been more clear... check out these links.

On Giving

On Lust

On the Law of Moses

I think we should all take some time to investigate these teachings. Perhaps other faiths should adopt this method. Imagine a Lego Dhammapada, or a Lego Koran... I think a Lego version of Lao Tszu would be a big seller.

I'll leave you with my favorite image from the Brick Testament. It come from the section On Marriage vs Castration...

Go in Peace.


Mark Travis said...

I'm not sure i can after that picture.

Mandy said...


Levi said...

i thought the last one was a seppuku scene. who knew blood puddles were so angular!

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