Sunday Sermon

This is the reality check for all of my petty bitching about February.

I am not hungry - I have too much to eat.
I am not homeless - I sleep in a warm, dry place every night.
I am not impoverished - I have enough to live.
I am not blind, deaf, dumb, or crippled - I am physically whole.
I am not burdened with a fatal disease - I am relatively healthy.
I am not persecuted for my beliefs - I can think as I wish.
I am not trapped here - I have the right and means to travel.
I am not living in the third world - I have all the modern conveniences.
I am not alone - I have friends and family.
And yet, I am not happy - I must be quite the whiner.

Yes, February sucks, but so does my attitude. I (and everyone of like mind about the cruelest month) need to be reminded that we are the spoiled children on this rock. The vast majority of people would love to be where we are, to have the opportunities we have, to even have the luxury to bitch like we do. Just being able to view these words on a computer screen and having the ability to read them puts you ahead of something like 80% of the Earth's population.

The griping was fun. Entertaining, even. But let's keep things in perspective.

Go in Peace.


Emily said...

well said. i find doing that is important to keep perspective. whenever i feel like shit about things, i generally say to myself, "well, at least i'm not an iraqi."

Clayton said...


Clayton said...

cringing in anticipation of whatever photo you'll post for valentines, reverend

His Sinfulness said...

In my world, V-Day was cancelled due to lack of funds and interest.

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