"Dear Buddha..."

Please send me a pony and a plastic rocket... and one of these:

The long-awaited Serenity Game Master's Screen is finally available! It includes maps of Serenity and Aces and Eights, scaled for minatures... does that mean there will be a line of miniatures in the future?!

(Ordinarily, I'd preface a post like this with a few self-deprecating lines about how I'm a dork because I still play RPGs - but this is so cool I don't even feel the need. If you can't see how cool this is, it's probable that YOU are the dork...)

Also - if you still cling to the hope that a second season of Firefly will somehow be made, you can add your voice to the rest of us crying in the wilderness by going here. Joss says it's not going to happen, but we can dream, right?


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