Since iGod is all the rage, I thought I'd have a chat with it...

Me: Good Morning.
God: Hello and how are you this morning?
Me: I'm good.
God: Good in what sense?
Me: I have no personal complaints.
God: Would you like to have complaints?
Me: No.
God: Why not?
Me: Because I'm happy.
God: Good reason. What are you on?
Me: Nothing.
God: Not a thing?
Me: Not even caffeine.
God: You must be a man.
Me: Yes.
God: So?
Me: So what?
God: Maybe it doesn't make any difference.
Me: I don't think it should.
God: And why not?
Me: Because gender is spiritually irrelevant.
God: Interesting explanation. Are they exactly the same?
Me: I hope so.

And then it fell silent; I'm not impressed. I think I could write more convincing responses for god. If I were creating this kind of program, I would ask the user first what kind of god they wanted. A Calvinist god? A Catholic god? Maybe a Hindu god or a Jewish god... If you could get the theological constructs worked into the program correctly, people could actually "try out" different belief structures by posing the same questions to several different gods. It could be an excellent tool for finding the faith that speaks to you. If only I could write code...


SteveM said...

thank you for introducting me to iGod! Very amusing

Big Gay Jim said...

I write code. See: code. *waggles eyebrows*

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