Geek Shopping

I am adverse to gift registries; it seems too much like sending your loved ones out to do your shopping for you. I think that gifts are only really meaningful when you can tell that the person who bought them has paid attention to you, and actually sought out something that they know you will enjoy. This is a grim prospect for some of us... it means actually TALKING to your family (shudder).

In some cases though, the gifter has listened closely to the giftee, and still the gift is not quite right. This is not a failure to communicate, but rather it may be that the giftee has highly technical likes - in other words, you are shopping for a geek.

If, for example, I were to mention in passing coversation how much I admire the performance of the Lam Hoac Sea Devil Deluxe Light, especially if you install the 5 PT LS, few of you would have a chance of knowing what I'm talking about (maybe Jim and Britt would know, but only because I made them watch many videos of said item...).

Or, hypothetically, you might hear me say, "I sure wish I had the FA118A#ABA keyboard to go with my HP iPAQ rx1955 Pocket PC."

It's unlikely that you'd be able to remember all that technical jargon, much less actually locate the items in question. I guess we geeks will just have to make do with gift certificates - lots of gift certificates...


Emily said...

you know you work too much when you think the FA blah blah key board thingy is a key board in fine arts...oy vay

His Sinfulness said...

For those readers who aren't labbies (yes, the two of you who have real jobs), what Emily is referring to is the computer lab in the Fine Arts building here at the University of Wyoming - the shorthand for its address is "FA118".

Clayton said...

a gift card is like saying "here, it's like I'm giving you money, but you can only spend it at one place. bitch"

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