Thesis Defense

3 40 90 12 300

I wore black from head to toe, in keeping with the solemnity of the occassion. The inquisitors three gathered at the appointed hour, like the three wise men (well, two wise men and one wise woman), called to the spot by portents and signs - by portents I mean doughnuts, and by signs I mean coffee. Of course, I had none - caffeine would make me jumpy, and munching on sugary snacks would ruin the serious, scholarly, almost mendicant look I was cultivating. Each of us held a 40-page packet; the result of my last year's toil.

After my opening remarks, the questioning began. It went on for 90 minutes, but it wasn't as bad as that sounds. At some point, it became more of a conversation than an inquisition. The room grew lighter and the barrier between student and faculty became less defined. I became less a student, and more like a colleague...albeit a junior colleague, but a levelling of the playing field was evident.

In the end, the paper was approved with minor revision. They discussed various ways to turn it into an article for publication, and possible future studies I could do as a follow-up project. At some point in all of this one of them said, "So, does this complete your Major?"

Yes. Yes, it does. The Self-Designed Major Council has to meet and ask me the same questions, but basically it is done. My twelve credits next semester are a bit of a formality at this point... I will complete the requirements for my English degree so my diploma will show a double major, but that's really an afterthought to me. The degree I wanted is done - and I now begin pondering that achievement.

Ironically, this is also my 300th post on this blog - another achievement of sorts. For about a month now I've been watching my post count, wondering what to put in this auspicious spot, but I kind of lost track while I was trying to get the paper ready. 300 entries has to be the longest journal I've ever kept. To think it only takes an audience to keep me writing - my ego knows no bounds.

Achievement is not really the right word for either of these events, though. It feels more like survival to be honest. A plane full of students crashes on this island called "College." Some academic careers survive, and some get killed. Today, I ducked the Iron Giant.


Raksha said...

Yay! Thesis defense over, crisis averted! I'm so proud of you, honey, I know how much you were stressing over this thing and how much you wanted to BE DONE!

The numbers thing was hilarious! Just don't play the lottery with them or anything and you'll be alright ;)

ZEUS said...

Read my blog.. and then at the realization that we have both been through hell, and survived, call me and tell me where we are drinking.

Dr. Smith said...


Mandy said...

Massive congratulations!!

Big Gay Jim said...

Brava dahlink! I heard you tied several on last night, and that there were voice mail messages to document said merriment! Conga-rats to you...well earned.

La Petite Fleur (AKA Tessa) said...

congrats and all that jazz - i never had any doubt - and niether did you. must be the ego thing. but as your ego has it own gravity field and keeps pulling us in, it must be an ok thing, right?

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