This is a Good Idea...

The Big Bad Blogger Challenge (BBBC for short) is a great idea that I discovered via Mayren's blog.

The site describes the challenge as follows:
"The Big Bad Blogger Challenge for June: Update your blog every day for one week starting June 13th, and the last challenge post will be June 18th."

Ok - I posted on the 13th anyway, and I have 6 minutes left to post on the 14th...

The best thing about this challenge is that they provide you with topics. For example, today's prompt is, "write about three positive things going on in your life."

1) I'm looking for a job, and I have a handful of decent leads. I even have a second interview tomorrow!

2) I'm getting into barefoot/minimal shoe running. It's really decreased the shin splint/knee pain/general crappiness of running for me.

3) I am working on a political campaign, and it's great! It's really nice to try to do something about governance, rather than just being an unpaid pundit.

More BBBC tomorrow.


Mayren said...

It's awesome to see your posting! I really think these little topics allow for just enough info -flow to really connect with others.

Minimal shoe running... interesting. Do you freeze your toeses in the snowses?

His Sinfulness said...

Thanks for bringing the BBBC to my attention - I needed to get back to posting. :)

About the minimal shoe thing - I haven't tried it when it was cold out yet, but I imagine that it will be pretty hard to keep warm once the pavement gets frozen. I wear converse most of the time now, and when it is really cold you can feel the chill coming right up through the soles. The Vibram Five Fingers I wear have MUCH thinner soles. I doubt the additional blood flow from running will be enough to overcome winter in Wyoming. I'm sure I'll be heading to the indoor track as soon as it gets cold again. :(

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