I will admit, I can be fairly intense about my pursuits. When I get excited about something I tell everyone I know about it, and frequently drag them into it with me. Throughout my life there have been many examples - the SCA, Judo, Kendo, handball, squash, boomerangs, kiting, etc. Lately it's been running and kettlebells, and I am happy to report that I have made at least 4 or 5 converts to running, and at least 6 of the local Flock are playing with kettlebells regularly. I know it can be irritating to those who don't want to hear about my latest thingy nonstop, but it could be worse, right? I mean, what if my newset obsession was something really detrimental, like... drugs? Or being a Republican? [shudder]

At any rate, these pictures make my enthusiasm for kettlebells look positively luke-warm by comparison.

I have owned two homes, and even done some professional landscaping in my time, but regardless of how excited I have been about various hobbies, I have never committed such offenses of topiary excess. These folks are clearly serious about their kettlebells - I imagine the animated Santa they put on their lawn in December is doing a military press with a 16kg instead of waving...

Ok, I'll admit, I'm a little jealous, but not enough to run down to the nursery and buy some junipers.
Not yet, anyway...


Mayren said...

oh yah? well how do ya know that those Shrubbery aren't just Gi-Normus Easter Baskets to hide Easter eggs in? hmmm??
Or Fashionable shoes for the Jolly Green Giant huh???
(sheesh.. always tryin to keep da green man down.)

His Sinfulness said...

lol - I only called them kettlebells because the site I stole the pics from did...

You've opened my eyes, Mayren - these people are not giryaviks, they're just really into Easter!
I bet the Easter Bunny leaves them a lot of Peeps.

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