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At the beginning of this presidential campaign, I was a supporter of Hillary Clinton. I am a lifelong Democrat (I voted for Jimmy Carter in a mock election at my elementary school in 1976), so I was ready to vote for whichever candidate got the nomination - especially since the GOP has done nothing of late but prove over and over again that they have nothing to offer someone like me - but I wasn't really excited about any of the candidates except Hillary. When it became obvious that she wasn't going to get the delegates to win the nomination, I accepted that Obama would be our candidate. "Acceptance" is hardly the kind of emotional response a candidate wants from his supporters, but it was all I could muster...

...until his speech at the DNC.

I was moved by it. I was motivated, and uplifted, and made to feel like there is a point to the political olympics known as the presidency. I took a few days to let it sink in, and now I think I can comment intelligently, without being too muddled by my own sentiments.

I am not a patriotic person. In fact, I have ranted on this blog at length about how any brand of "us, not them" thinking is detrimental to the human race. So many Americans live in a bizarre world where we supposedly lead the world in the grand qualities that make a nation great - democracy and equality and freedom and fairness - while it's so patently obvious that we don't. This speech went well beyond the simple patriotic pablum that is the staple of politics in America. He spoke of compassion, and reason, and honesty, and most importantly, of hope. He also answered the complaint that he is vague about his plans (this was a problem I had with him as well) by providing some concrete insights about what he plans to do. Barack Obama knows we don't lead the world in all of those qualities, but he believes we can.

Can we? Well, if the will to do it exists in enough people, it can be done. And after that speech, I believe that will was planted in the minds of more Americans than has been the case at any prior point in my lifetime. If it brought a few tears to the eyes of a jaded old cynic like myself, then it must have touched many, many more as well.

So, while I still think Hillary would make a great president (or a great Secretary of State, if you're listening, Barack...), I am now "sold" on Barack Obama.


Cerus said...

I agree that his speech was very good, I hope that it removed doubt from many, many minds.
Another good speech is from 2006, where he spoke on the role of faith and religion in politics.
The discovery of that speech is what led to my support of Obama very early on.

Big Gay Jim said...

What? My post raving about his speech on race wasn't enough to sway the Dark Pontiff. I must review my rhetorical skills and strategies. ;)

His Sinfulness said...

That speech was also quite good - it seemed almost too reasonable and smart for a politician to be saying.

Your strategies are sound - I'm just a jaded old hard-ass...

Cerus said...

Here is some light reading to make your blood boil. Palin's pastors, which I do not really care about but, if the public thinks Jeremiah Wright's viewpoints are so important, why should she not undergo the same scrutiny?

And her viewpoints on abortion, education, and a myriad of other topics.

Here's a teaser, "11. Are you offended by the phrase “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance? Why or why not?

SP: Not on your life. If it was good enough for the founding fathers, its good enough for me and I’ll fight in defense of our Pledge of Allegiance."
Emphasis mine.

Yes, she is an idiot.

His Sinfulness said...

Great point, Cerus.

For those who aren't up to speed on pledge of allegiance history, it wasn't the founding fathers who created it - it was written in 1892 by a SOCIALIST. It was made the official national pledge in 1942, and the words "under god" were added by in 1954.

Yeah, she's a real rocket surgeon... ;)

Mayren said...

Obama is awesome. It's the
first election i've ever been
jazzed about. Like Actually
motivated to get myself and others
to the voting booth.

so Now that you've got Wyoming covered I'll keep working in So.Cal. Go TEAM on 3.
Ready? 1.2.3. (GO-TEAM!!!!!)

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