Spring. Sort of.

Apparently, the weather gods were deeply offended by my comments here. Yesterday we got snow, high winds, and high humidity - which makes outdoors a crappy place. The temps weren't that bad (in the 20s to low 30s) but the wind and damp made it quite awful outside.

Despite this, spring is just about here. I know it - I can feel it! The urge to open all the windows and doors and clean and plant is just about overwhelming. I have already started rearranging and deep cleaning my room - soon it'll be time to start the tomatoes and peas and other yummies in their little cups of soil!

Don't remind me that winter often goes on until late May here. Don't bother telling me that the worst snowstorm we've had in the almost 6 years I've lived here was over spring break. Don't remind me about the 6 inches of wet heavy snow that hit in the first week of June a few years back. No, for now, I am convinced that warmer weather is just around the corner. My mind's made up - don't confuse me with the facts!


CorianderDragon said...

I second this motion.

Teh Dr. said...

I planted a little herb pot just the other day. Grow, everything must grow now!!

Unknown said...

I've been deep cleaning and throwing things out all week. I'm buying seeds tonight after work :)
I'll send some warm thoughts your way!

Mandyfish said...

I agree. It is definently spring time here, too. 70-80 degrees and light breezes make being outside much happier than indoors.

When's spring break there?

Bunny said...

Linus, we love you too much to point out how silly you're being. =) Besides, I'm hoping for the same thing you are. ^^;

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