Best Supervillain Ever

From time to time every man feels a bit... inadequate. It's not like any of your partners has ever said anything about size (well, not to your face), but you wish it was just a bit bigger. In my case, it's usually caused by watching pr0n - where do they find those guys? More importantly, how do those guys buy pants?! Normally when you see an appendage that large on someone, it has an elbow... but I digress.

Each of us has our own coping mechanisms. For some it's cars and trucks; for others it might be big screen TVs, stereo equipment, power tools, firearms - I'm sure someone might even argue that blogging is a way of compensating for a perceived lack elsewhere. (Don't say it. Just don't, ok?)

Raksha recently brought it to my attention that back in the 60s, DC comics explored this issue about as openly as any comic could. In Doom Patrol #70, they featured the ultimate in penile extensions...

Click here to see how his very brief (like 4 pages) career is brought to an end by a MTF Tranny superhero who melts his "apparatus" while wearing a frog mask.

Seriously. I'm not making this up.

(The second to last frame gave me nightmares.)


Modig_Bjorn said...

Er....I need a hug. Badly.

I'm suprised that was a DC comic though. Just how did this get published during the "Comic Code" era? Or get past the editors? Raksha?

His Sinfulness said...

The comments on the forum (see link and scroll down) were asking the same questions. I also felt sad for the commentors who asked, "what does "MTF" mean?"

WNG said...

That was hilarious...not as disturbing for me (no penis) as for you guys (with penis)just hi-lar-i-ous!

Big Gay Jim said...

Wow. Words I never thought I'd see in a comic. And definitely from a time I would NOT have expected, either.

Mayren said...

that's some messed up but funny comics!
Gives a whole new meaning to the old phrase "If you're feeling froggy - Jump"

WNG said...

Thanks Mayren, for making me spit my coffee all over my desk :)
Funny Lady

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