Warm Ears

Since there is a little snap in the air today, it's only fitting that I show you my new winter hat.

Modelled here by its creator, Doktor Smith, the "beanie-retta" proves to a be a stylish and functional addition to any clerical wardrobe. Unlike the birettas worn by the Cardinals at that other Vatican, the beanie-retta is constructed of polar fleece, and can be folded down to cover the ears on those bitter winter days for which Black Vatican City is so famous. Kudos and a minor beatification go to Doktor Smith, along with the right to style himself as the Black Vatican's "Tantum Solio Plasmator" ("only cap maker").

I think the TSP could be persuaded to make some other Flocktastic hats, if you're interested. You can contact him here in the comments window, or email me and I'll pass your message along to him. I have already placed an order for a cold weather mitre - eat your heart out, Benedict...


Mayren said...

awww - Teh Docktor's new glasses are super cute! Uhm the Hat is cool too!

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