The Vasa has Landed.

Imelda arrived at Denver International Airport at 09:35 yesterday. She received a clean bill of health from the veterinarian, and by 14:45 we were headed back to Black Vatican City. She was the largest of the babies, weighing 410 grams, which is considered medium-high for a Vasa parrot of her age, but she is a big girl, so the vet said she was not in need of any special dietary consideration at this time.

She was silent on the ride home, not making any noise until we reached Flock Hall. Even then she didn't really squawk - her vocalizations sound more like a whine. It is definitely a baby noise, sounding kind of like the hatchling dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.

This is not a picture of Imelda, but a relative of hers named Maddie. G Fresh did take some video and stills of her on her arrival and I will be taking more stills tonight, but last night after we got home and got her into her new cage, we were both exhausted, so no photos are ready to put up on the web yet. She was operating on Florida time, and I got up at 05:00, so by 20:00 we were both asleep. When I return home today after volleyball I promise she will have a proper photo shoot.

Ajax took it all in stride. They are currently housed in different rooms, but they can certainly hear each other clearly. He was his usual chatty self this morning and she was very attentive to his noises. She didn't make a peep as I filled her food and water this morning, but she did watch me closely and then lean forward to get some head scratches when I was done.

If you are interested in details on her species (Coracopsis vasa) you can click here. Incidentally, the baby pictured at the bottom of that page is Imelda - the pic was taken about 2 months ago at the breeder's facility in Florida.

More info and pictures can be found at Old World Aviaries, The Feather Tree, Featherlust Farms and Aves International.


WNG said...

Congrats!!! And welcome, Imelda! I'm sure you guys will have a great time with the newest Flock member:)

Modig_Bjorn said...

Can't wait to meet the little girl!

La Petite Fleur said...

she is fabulous!! very long and pretty =) i can't wait till she starts talking!

Mayren said...

Aww it's nice to have the babygirl finally at her new home! She will be Queen of the Hall one day soon.

Can't wait to see the pics love!

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