What Could Have Been...

I am completely exhausted.

Between work, the comic, the blogs, the new bird, sociology, stats, handball, volleyball, and badminton, (and some Halo) I am completely out of time. In order to do everything I want to do, I am on a tight schedule that no longer includes food, sleep, or alas, pr0n. I am taking steps to rectify this situation, but until my employers accept my completely reasonable proposal for maintaining my current pay grade while reducing my work day by 4 hours ("I'd be ever so much more productive if I didn't have to come in until noon..."), there is no real solution in sight. Something must give. Perhaps I could cut back on grooming... Cleanliness is for the lazy anyway - I'm too busy to bathe!

No - I can't let the BCPs down like that; my ability to smell good despite being a sweaty boy is legendary. No, something else has to get scaled back. The past few days, that thing has been this blog.

Instead of making actual posts I have just been storing up the ideas (Google Notebook is a wonderful tool). As a lame form of penance for not posting since Monday, here are the links to the topics I was going to blog about. Enjoy the links, and try to imagine the wry comments I would have made about each...

Interesting spiritual guidance from Church of the Churchless.

The huge birdcage I am considering buying for my babies. (Any bigger and I could help out the county by taking in a few low-risk inmates for the weekend when the jail is too full.)

The new version of the "Fortress of Solitude"* that I am considering buying for myself for Christmas. (Hard core readers will remember the original Fortress of Solitude from Flock Hall 1...).
*Fuck-proof brackets sold separately.

And speaking of Flock Hall, the Flock Hall 2.0 blog is actually active again. This week's topic is bath vs shower - feel free to join the debate.

I was going to post something on how the President of Iran is a tool, but Max beat me to it.

Now don't just roll over this post and say to yourself, "A linkfest? Weak, dude." These are quality links... get back up there, and clicky-clicky!


Modig_Bjorn said...

If a second "Fortress of Solitude" ever comes to fruition, I'd be inclined to see it.

In a completely, manly and heterosexual way.

His Sinfulness said...

You will, of course, be invited to the unveiling and dedication ceremony for said Fortress if it comes to fruition.
The invite will be on appropriately manly stationery...

Mayren said...

ahhh - Hetero love in the morning... heheh

The Fortress of Solitude reminds me of playing "Fort" in the living room as a kid on a rainy day.
Then on nice days going outside to find scraps of wood to build a "club-house".
*le sigh* for the good ole' days.

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