Many thanks, and a raincheck...

in lieu of a Sunday Sermon.

Ok, so trying to align a sunny day, mild winds, and an extra set of hands has proven very difficult over the last few weeks; thus, no picture of the kite in flight yet. I will get a cool pic of it eventually (that's the raincheck) but until then I want to thank the people responsible for this extravagant (and perfect) gift. They are*: Rachel, Mandy, Benny K, Ben C, Squid, Zeus, Julia, Mary, Mark, Tessa, and the organizer and enabler of this project, Gina. This was an act of epic generosity, showing a wanton disregard for proportion in gift-giving - I stand dwarfed in the footsteps of these giants of "chipping in". It was a wonderful way to acknowledge the ending of my 4th decade in this body, and to remind me that how we play is even more important as we grow older. I freely confess that my long blogging silence was due, in part, to speechlessness - I just have no words for such great friends, except "I love you all."

Go in Peace.

*I am relatively certain that Gina is still accepting donations toward this gift (seriously, it is a REALLY expensive kite, and I have a hunch that she might have born much more than a fair share of its cost, although she would never admit it). Feel free to contact her at if you wish to contribute.


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