Your Lucky Day

I have been feeling a bit grumpy of late. The weather is chilly, the skies are frequently grey, and I don't really need to be here (my degree is done). I keep telling myself that I could be in California right now, where the lows are in the 50s. To complete my malaise, I left my cell phone in the AG building last night, and naturally, the classroom I left it in was locked up when I returned to retrieve it.

I know that I'm not the only one who feels this way... This is a February kind of mood, and February is a ways off yet. To shake this feeling (or at least to put it off until its appointed time) I've decided to look instead at all the reasons today is actually a good day for me and all of my loyal readers.

Today is a good day because...

You didn't leave your window down overnight

Your job doesn't suck as much as his

This isn't your Lazyboy

You are neither of these two

You don't have to pay his therapy bills

And most importantly, you are spending your free time reading this blog, rather than writing Danish Phantom of the Opera Fanfic, then translating it into English...

Yes, you are fortunate indeed.


ZEUS said...

I saw the first picture and I almost turned back from the blog. I was afraid you HAD left your window down and that was YOUR car. The ensuing post would not have been early as cheery, that is for certain. As it stands, I do feel lucky, lucky for what exactly I don't know, but lucky.

Dr. Smith said...

Life: Good to the last drop*

*unless your one of the poor bastards in your blog.

Clayton said...

I was attacked by an ostrige once.

and no, Mark, it did not have mint breath.

Levi said...

My POTO Fan Fic starts: "His epic breath swept over my face, heating it to one million degrees kelvin of pure passssssion--how could I possibly refuse this mask?" I still have to translate it into Polish. my addiction to underwater hockey is crippling my sex life.

Dr. Smith said...

hey Linus I got two words to make ya laugh. Sphincter violin

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