Shameless Plugs

I have noticed that some of my favorite blogs are suffering from low circulation of late. This is a blatant attempt to bring the awesome might of the Minsitry to bear upon these small, but deserving blogs.

Flock Hall is a lovely little blog about our experimental commune in Laramie. Catch a glimpse of what it is like to live with Sqee Piddly, Ben Ben Our Ben Bad Ben, the Travisi, His Sinfulness the Black Pope, and Ajax the WonderGrey; featuring special guest appearances by G-Fresh and the Good Doctor Smith...

Zombies are a serious threat. Given the performance of FEMA during the Katrina disaster, I feel better getting my zombie preparedness info from the good people at the Zombie Blog. The Hopeless Romantic and company really know their stuff - they keep you abreast of all the latest developments in zombie entertainment, theory, and survival. Become a regular reader, and when the dead rise, everyone will look to you for guidance.

Just to make sure you don't think this is all about blogs to which I contribute, I bring you... Danger Hazzard. This blog is a breath of fresh air in the fart-filled elevator of the blogsphere. Irreverent, indignant, and indie, Levi serves up a steaming torrent of student angst couched in literary finery, with a dash of white boy humor to keep it real. He is my choice for angry young Man of the Year.

Ever wonder why retail employees do the things they do? The Rambling Retailer takes you to the dark side of the counter, and explains the arcane ways of this ancient cult of commercialism. He is occassionally pedantic and preachy, but always revealing - worth a read if you ever shop at the Evil Empire or the Temple of K.

It wouldn't be me if I didn't hype a religious site. This one, Pilgrims & Parish is a very interesting mix of Catholic and Protestant doctrine. Fascinating. Confused, but fascinating...

Enjoy these gems of the blogosphere, and find some of your own. Go forth, search, and report back.


Clayton said...

um why not add Levi to your links?

As long as your convincing people to read zombie blog, I'd like to remind our less active members to actually write coughbencoughabracough


Dr. Smith said...

link me f00

Levi said...

Because my link would instantly impregnate every other link.

Clayton said...

and for that matter Levi, you should read my blog, to know the motha of your baby

I gotta eat comments too

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