Sunday Sermon

Brothers and sisters, inquisitors and BCPs, deacons, apostles, and alter bois - our little family has grown. Growth is a good thing, but we must make sure that our organization grows along with our membership. To that end, we are going to be redesigning our web presence in the near future, and we want YOU to be a part of the action!

(dramatic pause)

We are very proud to announce the Ministry's official Logo Contest! We are looking for an eye-catching graphic that symbolically represents the Ministry - and there will be fabulous prizes for the designer of the winning logo!

Your entry must be sent as a jpeg to the Email address listed in my profile. We are hoping for something that captures the spirit of the Flock. It would be great if it could be rendered both simply in black and white, and with greater detail in color.

You may be thinking, "Screw you Linus - design your own damn symbol you lazy freak." I understand, but I'd like to remind you of the parable of the crusty bagels...

(I'm sure you're all familair with the parable of the crusty bagels, but I've included it here to refresh your memories. It was originally told to the Plagiarites in the 2nd Epistle To the Californians, chapter 6, beginning with the 9th verse:

"And lo the Lord didst make bagels available unto them, as they were day-olds and thus half price, for the Lord God is a frugal God. There were some who ate their bagels, and some who didst cast their bagels into the weeds when they thought the Lord was not looking. When the Lord returned and asked, "didst you enjoy your bagels?", those who ate them said, "yes Lord, they were crunchy" and the Lord didst make them prosper and grow fat from the carbs. When the Lord asked those who didst cast their bagels into the weeds, they said, "Um... yeah. They were, like, great and stuff." Hearing their lies, the Lord didst fetch their bagels from the weeds and smite them with them, and there was a great wailing and gnashing of teeth, as the bagels had grown even harder overnight, and the edges were sharp and crusty.")

I'm sure the message there is obvious to us all; we should each ponder it deeply.

Ok - enough pondering; eat your bagels, and get to work on those designs!

Go in Peace.


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