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RELI 1000 Intro to Religion
ENGL 2170 Bible as Literature
RELI 2200 Contemporary American Religion
RELI 2320 History of Islam
RELI 2040 Middle Eastern Religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam
RELI 4000 Theory of Religion
RELI 4090 Film and Religion
ENGL 4190 Milton
RELI 4500 TPCS: Eastern Thought
RELI 4500 TPCS: Sociology of Religion
RELI 4900 Independent Study for Senior Project (6 credit hours total)

Does this sound like a great time to you? Do you long to wade through Freud, Jung, Hume, Otto, and every philosopher, anthropologist, historian, and theologian from the last few centuries who ever wrote on religion? Do you long to conduct research on NRMs? (It means "New Relgious Movements - the proper technical term is "cults" but that's considered too pejorative today...) Are you willing to push and shove until you get the major you want, even if the University doesn't offer it?

Perhaps you have what it takes to make it in the exciting world of Religious Studies!! You could be spending your days discussing the faiths with "true believers" (who frequently aren't even sure where the Middle East is, but they are certain about events that took place there 1000-4000 years ago). Picture yourself in the wee hours of the morning, sifting through functionalist, substantive, experiential, and 'family resemblance' type definitions of what religion IS. Imagine taking 4000 level classes in which we still haven't really got any solid definition of what we are studying, while enjoying the nebulous status of "student without a department!"

If this sounds like your idea of Heaven (by which, of course I mean in no way to imply any preference for any particular Heaven(s), nor do I wish to imply that the concept of heaven(s) or, by inference, hell(s), is a necessity for any faith), contact the University of Wyoming Religious Studies Program for details!

The UW Religious Studies Program
Where God is watching, even if the Administration isn't...


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