Blessing for a New Semester
For the members of our Flock who are returning to school tomorrow...

We ask the Divine that the first day of class be a light one, and may there be a lenient attendance policy.
May your classes all begin after 10:00, and end before 3:00.
May that attractive person that you never quite got up the nerve to talk to be assigned to a group project with you, and may you discover that the guy in your discussion classes who needed a ball gag has changed his major.
May your profs be the sort that bring cookies to class, and buy you a round of drinks in the bar after each test.
May your grad school applications get mailed by the deadline, and may all previous profs get recommendation letters done on time.
May your midterms be open-book, and your finals be take-home.
And please Lord, if it's not too much trouble, may we all graduate this semester.

In the name of Academia we pray,


(The Sunday Sermon returns to its regular schedule next week...)


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