Excuses and Rationalizations

This blog has reached an unprecedented low in content, and yet I refuse to just let it go.

Perhaps once I get my thesis done I will be able to return to regular posting. Yes - that's it... it's my thesis that is causing the problem... not the nagging sensation that this blog outlived its usefulness two years ago, or the suspicion that I haven't said anything truly meaningful or even amusing in a long time.

At any rate, my thesis will need to be finished very soon, as I may be starting a new full-time job in the near future. All must be done on time - family is coming to graduation and I better actually be walking down the aisle or there will be hell to pay.

Double dose of Theraflu to stop this damn cough and I'm off to bed.


Mayren said...

*does the mega happy dance for Impending Graduation day*

His Sinfulness said...

It has been a long time coming... Thanks for celebrating! :D

Sci Fi Heroine said...

You claim that you're no longer posting any meaningful or amusing content right after you ranted about one of my favorite theories of yours, the self-domestication of our species. I'm not buying it.

His Sinfulness said...

Thanks - I am just feeling the insignificance of middle age. Nothing to worry about; soon my megalomania will reassert itself.

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