Completely Stolen Content

This is some information on our Christmas present from the Senate. All kidding aside, this is important information, displayed graphically. Click on it to blow it up, and prepare to be less pissed off about the lack of a public option.

I heard about it from Fleur, but I got it here.

Also, there are about 8 hours left to vote on the "Change We Can Believe In" poll on the sidebar.


Mayren said...

I like most Americans i know want some reform but we don't have enough education and cold hard facts to base them on.
I love the poster, I approve of that template to convey information. The question i have is... Are those facts real? Where can the common Citizen find the real facts? I mean every College student knows that when doing a paper you have to be at least MLA compliant and cite your sources. Why can't companies and government cite their sources too and be accountable for them? These little charts are great as far as a graphical layout of facts but if the facts have no real source then it's just sorta propaganda looking to me. Just my feelings.

Does anyone in the Cyber-flock know where to find the actual research and data on this stuff where it's accessible to the average citizen?

His Sinfulness said...

That's an excellent question, Mayren. In this case, the graphic comes from the WonkRoom which is a very progressive site so any skew is likely to be to the left. I wish more people asked this kind of question - if they did, we'd have fewer folks "dittoing" Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck on the right, and Olberman and Maddow on the left.

With this particular bill, part of the problem is the massive size of it. The PDF I just downloaded has 2074 pages, while the House bill has 1018...

So I guess the good news it, they are available online. The bad news is, the debate will be over by the time anyone finishes reading it....

Mayren said...

Thank you muches Linus m'deary!
I found the bill too but the size is too daunting to be feasible at the moment on my patience.

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