Not Mono, but Dying Just the Same

In my ongoing quest to destroy what little readership I have left, I've been posting nothing but political rants and Veganazi propaganda. Despite this, my tracking software indicates that my daily number of hits has remained steady. This led me to wonder just exactly who my readers are. I wanted to equip my corps of flying monkeys with a list of referral URLs and send them out to hunt you all down, but the boys down in Legal said no. Apparently it's some kind of liability issue if you cause people to freak out by subjecting them to living proof that their childhood fears are real. Stoopid Wizard of Oz PTSD...

In order to give you a post that will neither destroy your faith in the political system, nor ruin your lunch (you filthy omnivores) I'll just try to fill you in on some changes in my life.

I am working what I hope is my last overnight shift in a computer lab, ever. Because the class I am the GA for is in the mid-morning, my office hours are in the early afternoon, and my own classes meet in the evening, working 03:00 - 07:00 means I'm not getting anywhere near enough sleep. If you follow my fitness blog, you may recall that I mentioned a blood test for mono a few weeks ago. Turns out that I don't have mono, nor do I have a host of other viral nasties, but they are not sure what IS wrong. All they can tell me is that I have a lingering viral infection, and the treatment is rest. Anecdotally, I have to agree. If I get 6-7 hours of sleep on a given day, I will begin to cough by late afternoon. If, however, I get 8-10 hours of sleep my cough does not return.

I have thrown myself on the clemency of my boss, and begged for some day shifts. Failing that, I'd be ok with slipping back to a "subs only" status on the schedule, where I'd only work the shifts that others give up because of personal conflicts. Hopefully, he will oblige - if not, I'll just have to quit outright.

In other fun news, I am getting certified to judge ISCF MMA bouts. It's a bit like the judging in boxing; a "10-point must" system, with equal weight given to standup striking, clinch fighting, take-downs, positioning, submission attempts, ground striking, and overall control. It means that I will be one of three sanctioned judges at the next cage fight in Black Vatican City, which happens to be taking place on the 11th of September. If you are local and would like to come to the bout - there are three championship belts on the line - contact me by email and I'll give you details on getting tickets.

Anywho, I have some poll results for you. The question was:

How do you want to see the health care issue resolved?

(This, of course, assumes that you see health care as an issue. If you don't, you may not have felt the need to participate in the poll. You also may not feel the need to remove your cranium from your rectum. Your call...)

The Results:

A single payer system, like the European models. 43%

A modification of the current system, with both private and public options. 56%

A slight reworking of the current system, with more options for those with pre-existing conditions. 0%

Viva la Capitalism! Fuck the poor and the ill - health care for the highest bidder! 0%

The cyber-faithful are divided, but both factions want to see some form of public health care - you godless Socialists. (I'm so proud of you...)

Thankfully, none of you punks chose that last response. Even if you had just done it as a joke, there would have been flying monkeys galore - liability be damned.


Ducky said...

I didn't know that you were giving up the night shift. Though I have noticed that it's killing you. Gotta say can't blame you, that's the call I would have made.

His Sinfulness said...

Yeah - I've done my time in the overnight labs...

MsEmJ said...

Flying monkeys? Pffttt. They'd fall to the might of my sparkly pony army.

His Sinfulness said...

Not fair - sparkly animals always have an advantage! Perhaps I should assemble an army of Twilight vampires...

Raksha said...

I actually don't mind the Flying Monkeys but if you send the Wheelers after me, you might end up with a short, chubby version of Drusilla on your hands. The Wheelers, the Deadly Desert, and Mombi's gallery of heads featured heavily in my childhood nightmares. That shit just ain't right.

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