Black Vatican Hardware Upgrade

My Tuesday class was cancelled, so I literally had nowhere to be all day. I got up at the crack of noon, and began the difficult task of breaking in my new Macbook Pro.

I got it on Monday afternoon, but due to my Monday evening class, I'd only played with it for a few minutes. Today I did all those things you do when you get a new computer - set up my email accounts, set my homepage, downloaded Firefox and Word for Mac, etc. I haven't, however, hooked this baby up to my old iBook G4 for file transfer yet, and I might not. I am enjoying the "clean slate" feeling of this shiny new toy. No old essays cluttering up the hard drive, no half finished blog posts on the desktop, no stale pr0n in the trash bin... It feels like New Year's Day - the future is full of promise, and resolutions of power computing.

"I resolve to properly categorize my bookmarks."
"I resolve to change my passwords every month."
"I resolve to keep food and drinks at a safe distance."
"I resolve to cycle my battery regularly to extend its life."
"I resolve to not use my desktop as a file cabinet."

Unfortunately, just as the resolutions of January 1st usually only last until the 15th or so, I know it won't be too long before I'm looking at my hard drive saying, "WTF is all this shite? When did I save 120 MB of lolcats?!

For now, however, it feels lovely. It is like skiing on fresh snow; I am alone on this pristine cyberslope, and each link I click on is a beautiful Telemark arc in the history window...

Wow - where did that come from? I don't even like winter sports.

Maybe it's time to put the Macbook down for the night...


Ducky said...

New computer love. How sweet. I'm such a dork I get all excited and glowy feeling when *other* people get a new computer. Course with a Mac that feeling lasts because it will still be shiny a couple of months from now. Even if it does get a *bit* dinged.

Mayren said...

basement catz - he ownz you.

His Sinfulness said...


Mine will be safe as long as I don't loan it to you!


Sometimes, I'm not sure if basement cat works for me, or I work for him...

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