Our Latest Poll - MJ, Cause of Death

In our most recent poll, the tackiness of which may only be overshadowed by the picture that accompanies this post, we asked...

What do you think was the actual cause of Michael Jackson's death?

...and you answered...

Medical malpractice 18%
Assisted suicide 0%
Accidental overdose (prescription drugs) 31%
Accidental overdose (illicit drugs) 0%
Plain old heart attack 12%
His nose fell off 6%
He's not actually dead - he's rooming with Elvis 31%

It will probably be several more weeks before the officials release a final report on the cause of death, but I think the Medical Malpractice/Accidental Prescription Overdose angle is most likely. His list of prescriptions allegedly included Dilaudid, Vicodin, Soma(carisoprodol), Xanax, Zoloft, Paxil, and Demerol, as well as more minor stuff like Prilosec and various antibiotics. I'm no pharmacologist, but I would imagine that when dealing with a drug list of this calibre, simple miscounting could be fatal; another tragic victim of Heath Ledger syndrome.

If, however, MJ just decided he was sick of the celebrity lifestyle and decided to move in with Elvis in hiding, I applaud his courage - although living with your former father-in-law can be trying, especially when you are both "the King" of something...


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