A Poll on the Polling

Another of our polls has closed, and unlike the ones in Iran, we actually counted the votes!
We asked:
What should the U.S. do about the situation in Iran?

The Flock hasn't been so united since the Intelligent Design poll. Seems nobody wants to touch this one - could it be because most feel we already have our fingers in the Middle Eastern pie too much?

The responses:
Nothing - it's their affair. 89%
Apply political pressure to get a recount/repoll. 11%

(We offered other possible answers, including the option of going all Hiroshima on them, but no one selected them.)

I am torn on this one. On the one hand, we wouldn't want some foreign power to come over here and back some political faction - say, for instance, the Teabaggers. In fact, I'm relatively certain that we would go ape-shit crazy if that happened, and the violence in the streets would be epic. On the other hand, the current Iranian regime does seem to have stolen an election from the people. We certainly know how much that sucks, now don't we?

If I were president, I don't know what I would do. I hope the president has based his decision to stay out of it on a great deal more information than that to which we are privy. I also hope that information is better than the intelligence his predecessor was working with (or making up).

I'm not known for my optimistic stance where global politics is concerned, so I don't know where I'm getting all of this hope. It sounds a bit hollow, even to me...


Linus said...

... and no one cares. I am always amazed by the deafening silence that some posts get.

Cerus said...

It's the summer. I've been outside enjoying my, pretty much, daily three mile walk/ semi-jog. Good times.

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