What do the Numbers Tell Us?

Lookit! They come in prints!
This week our poll shows what a compassionate group the Flock is...

The question was:
The wings on your panty liners are...

And you responded:
Essential: 4 (22%)
Sticky: 4 (22%)
Ribbed for her pleasure: 7 (38%)
Itchy and smell like Fritos: 2 (11%)
What panties?: 6 (33%)

Coming in at #1, "Ribbed for her pleasure" is a clear statement of caring for your fellow man, er... woman. The #2 response, while not as obvious, is just as touching once you understand it. "What panties?" indicates a serious commitment to... readiness. The willingness to comfort and give succor to others at a moment's notice, without impediment, regardless of how flimsy, lacy, or crotchless that impediment might be, shows what a giving group the Flock really is.

Not too giving though - only two people chose "Itchy and smell like Fritos," indicating a very low level of infection amongst respondents. As a group, we share - but safely.

See? Statistics CAN be fun!

Wings? We don' need no stinking wings!

Don't forget to vote in the new poll. This week's topic: INTELLIGENT DESIGN!


the only bagel in france said...

Of course I'll cook for you! You'll have to help me out a tiny bit so we can be vegan-friendly, but it'll be fun ^_^

Though not great for your diet. It certainly wasn't for mine.

Excellent new topic!

Linus said...

I'm looking forward to galettes!

Kristyn said...

I find your polls hilarious.

Oh, also let me know how the vegan chicken enchiladas came out. I'm dying to know.

Linus said...

Will do! And welcome to the Ministry, Kristyn - any friend of Mayren's is a friend of mine. Make yourself at home. :)

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