What do the Numbers Tell Us?

Lookit! They come in prints!
This week our poll shows what a compassionate group the Flock is...

The question was:
The wings on your panty liners are...

And you responded:
Essential: 4 (22%)
Sticky: 4 (22%)
Ribbed for her pleasure: 7 (38%)
Itchy and smell like Fritos: 2 (11%)
What panties?: 6 (33%)

Coming in at #1, "Ribbed for her pleasure" is a clear statement of caring for your fellow man, er... woman. The #2 response, while not as obvious, is just as touching once you understand it. "What panties?" indicates a serious commitment to... readiness. The willingness to comfort and give succor to others at a moment's notice, without impediment, regardless of how flimsy, lacy, or crotchless that impediment might be, shows what a giving group the Flock really is.

Not too giving though - only two people chose "Itchy and smell like Fritos," indicating a very low level of infection amongst respondents. As a group, we share - but safely.

See? Statistics CAN be fun!

Wings? We don' need no stinking wings!

Don't forget to vote in the new poll. This week's topic: INTELLIGENT DESIGN!


the only bagel in france said...

Of course I'll cook for you! You'll have to help me out a tiny bit so we can be vegan-friendly, but it'll be fun ^_^

Though not great for your diet. It certainly wasn't for mine.

Excellent new topic!

His Sinfulness said...

I'm looking forward to galettes!

Kristyn said...

I find your polls hilarious.

Oh, also let me know how the vegan chicken enchiladas came out. I'm dying to know.

His Sinfulness said...

Will do! And welcome to the Ministry, Kristyn - any friend of Mayren's is a friend of mine. Make yourself at home. :)

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