Sunday Sermon

Time for a change.

There is a new look around the Ministry, as of today. A new template, complete with a nifty new poll thingy on the sidebar! Go over there and vote. I'll wait right here for you...

I'll be using that doohickey to put a weekly question to the Flock. When I first found this, I was immediately struck with several dozen ideas for great polls. Over the next few weeks you'll have a chance to vote on topics like intelligent design, the violence in Ireland, the wings on your panty shields, and your favorite Beatle (Paul is still the cute one, as far as I'm concerned...).

Also, the new search widget , "Consult the Archives," is really handy. In addition to scouring the 700+ posts of the Ministry, it also lists all the sites that are linked from this blog that meet your search parameters. Just another service we provide here at the Black Vatican, where your ability to locate and comment on irrelevant shite His Sinfulness wrote 4 years ago is job one!

Not to worry, the link love will be back soon, complete with the Sinners and the Redeemed, just like the old template. I haven't had time to reconfigure those yet, but they will be back in the next few days.

Feel free to comment on our new look, and...

Go in Peace.


Mayren said...

is it wierd that i envision Alice in Wonderland
"painting the roses red" when i see your
Sermon picture?

Linus said...

No wierder than what I thought of - the paint scene in Spartacus.

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