The Mission

Ok, so I haven't posted in two weeks...

I've been busy, naturally, but that's no excuse. I have maintained a heroic posting schedule at more hectic times.

I've been struggling with some personal issues, but that's no excuse either. The months at the end of one of my worst relationships were some of the most prolific on this blog (thanks, 'bina).

No, the real problem is my endemic ennui. Clearly, I was born in the wrong century. It is evident that my natural leadership qualities, noble bearing, hearty appetite, and genteel manners would be better suited to a Lord of a manor, of the 18th or even an earlier century. What form of time-slip might have brought me to this time and place is a mystery, but vestigial pre-memories of my proper time are a constant companion and torment to me. Where is the Doctor when you need him?

I have also considered that it might have been a simple mix-up at the hospital - perhaps they laid me in the wrong crib, whilst the yokel I replaced became the scion of the Vanderbildts. (It could happen - I was born in North Carolina, after all...)

Whatever the case, I am here now and the dissatisfaction I feel, although real, is ultimately futile. There is nothing to do but lace my boots a bit tighter and continue to march through the muck. Although I am not in the vanguard of this corps, I think I may have an important assignment, nonetheless.

You see, I am the comic relief. And if you do see that, you may also see that I am only just now coming to that realization. My role here is not Prince, or even Knight Errant, but rather Jester. I am here to point and jeer, without noticing that the scene I gape at is actually a mirror, and the actors I ridicule are none other than my friends and me, dancing this tired academic pavane.

One might think this awakening would be painful, but I am so inured to the bumps and potholes of this road, that I hardly noticed. In fact, I am liberated by the lessening of responsibilities. I now have carte blanche to mock and lampoon to my heart's content, and no one shall be safe - not even me.


Just Me said...

I am not sure I quite understand this. I will have to catch you, and have you explain it to me later.

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