Pumpkin Contest!

There is a nip in the air, decorations on the shelves, and a sense of futility in my heart - we must be nearing the 'hollowdaze.' Regular readers are well aware that the holiday season - now beginning with Halloween and continuing straight on through St. Patrick's Day and Easter - causes me considerable chafing. I have ranted at length about the Christian take-over of the pagan holidays, the faux sincerity, and the commercialization of it all... so I won't bore you all with that here. (If you want to catch up on my ranting, feel free to search the archives - who doesn't want to start their week off with a scavenger hunt of angst and discontent?) No, this year I'm going to give in completely to the crass mercantile nature of the beast...

The traditional jack-o-lantern has lost almost all of its meaning for us today. Who actually recalls the myth of the shrewd Irish farmer, Jack, who tricked the devil and for his troubles ended up traversing the earth for eternity by the light of an ember in a hollowed-out turnip? To help reinvent the tradition of the jack-o-lantern for the new millennium, I am hereby declaring the very first Black Vatican Jack-O-Lantern Contest!

Send us a picture of your Black Vatican themed pumpkins, and the denizens of Flock Hall 2.0 will choose a winner in the categories of "Best Likeness", "Sexiest", and "Best Overall." Later this week, Flynn will be posting some Halloween themed art on the BV site, to help you get some ideas for your designs.

Now, I know my Flock, and I know that you are not the type to do something for nothing. To make it worth your efforts, we will award the winner in each category a t-shirt of their choice from our extensive catalog o' swag, now including the much requested Nerdygirl Thong!

Click here for full details, and may the most Faithful win!


Mandyfish said...

Um..ummm...I'm not sure how to say this...but I'm a bit bothered by the Nerdygirl thong thing.

Nerdy in a thong...fine.
Nerdy on my thong....not so much?

Just saying.


I want snow and pumpkins and Flock for christmas. Maybe money will behave and agree...doubtful but maybe...

(stopping the whining now)

Linus said...


There have been at least three requests for the Nerdygirl thong, so we had to acquiesce. It might be more appropriate for you to get the one with my face on it... ;)

Mandyfish said...

Hmmm..or maybe I just offer moral support as opposed to monetary thong-buying support.?

Wait. Something about that doesn't sound right....

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